Contractors. Stop wasting time and money chasing a better price for materials. It's time to make suppliers start chasing you

Overspending on materials? High costs of material derailing your budgets? or just want to get more money in your pocket? Primital allows you or your employees to create a list then you can send for quotes, compare and buy within clicks in one place.


This is PRIMITALS PHASE 1 for industry change for the little guys.

Primital is built to lower this statistic

"96% of construction companies fail within the first 10 years of business" - US Dept. of Commerce.

Tired of....

Overspending on material

Having to buy material last minute and not being able to shop around wastes so much money. Start automating the process and make getting materials quicker and cheaper!

Derailing your budgets

Employees often times don't understand or care about job costs just getting the job done which can de-rail a budget. Employees entering their requests allows your team to utilize more of what you have and save.

Wasting time getting emailed quotes...

Stop wasting time manually sending emails to vendors, watching for the emails and then trying to compare.

Then Stop!

Stop wasting money, stop wasting time and lets lower the contractor statistic where 96% fail within their first 10 years.

Primital makes getting material easy and cost saving!

A few words from the trade pros....

"Finally a product from someone that has been through all the pains of running a construction business "

Paul - Co-Owner of Construction Bros

"Nice to have someone who thinks about multiple aspects of the business. Projects, Services, Clients, Employees, my business and me."

Dave - Owner of TrecCon


Stop overspending on material. Get better lists from your crews, utilize what you have and buy smarter with minimal effort.

Primital solves these issues in one simple app.

Save time/money and put it into what matters most YOU, Your business and your FAMILY.

How much time do you put in trying to compare pricing and buying material. How much are you overspending on material by just getting it wherever? How much are your guys overspending on material by going wherever they want? Stop the overspending on material and get your jobs showing more profit with ease. Stop chasing emails and trying to track everything manually. Automate these processes affordably with Primital and start saving exponentially.

“As the complexity of construction projects increases, companies that are innovating and incorporating these new technologies and digital tools into their businesses are setting themselves up for continued success in the future. Those that refuse to innovate and continue to operate the same way the always have are going to struggle to keep pace with those that embracing this technological transformation.”

- ConstructConnect

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Primital founders have been apart of the construction industry for almost 2 decades. We know the many different struggles of running a contracting business and are working to help companies succeed one step at a time. After the trial it is $75 month. A small price for the exponential savings you get and the time you'll save.

Try for 1 MONTH and see the Primital savings!

Primital founders have been apart of the construction industry for almost 2 decades. We know the struggles of your business. After the trial it is $75 month for your company. Our pricing is reflective of just a small amount compared to the savings in money and time. You can stop at anytime, although with the savings why would you want to.